“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop."   One of my favorite quotes from Ansel.  Not only is it a good reminder to have patience, but its a great excuse to take a day or two for yourself!

   I studied visual communication and photography while attending Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and have been shooting weddings and portraits under my own brand since 2006.

   Why wedding and portrait photography?  I love having a job that allows me to explore my creativity and presents a different challenge every time.  I really find it to be a privilege to capture all of the emotions that come with a lot of my bookings.

   There is also a side project called "Beach Day", which is mostly a square format photography project of each side of the country,  Most of the shots are taken through a neutral density, giving each one a little different time-frame.

  I live south of Tacoma, WA.  My primary service is in event photography, which generally means weddings, portraits and meetings.  However, I am open to all requests! 

Thanks for stopping by and getting lost for a few minutes here.  I can be reached at  Please get a hold of me for any potential bookings!  And thanks.